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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules

    Post by Pandorilai on Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:34 pm

    Simply put, the rules of this forum are as follows:

    1.  Free speech.  A person has the right to say what they wish on a topic within reason.  This means that a person may disagree with something, post an opinion, dispute a topic, agree with a topic, or ask any questions that are relevant to the discussion.

    2. No "trolling".  Though a person may say what they wish regarding a given subject that does not give them the right to intentionally cause fights or argument.  There is a significant difference between criticism and opinion versus trolling.  This rule will be enforced most harshly.

    As issues arise and more rules are needed they will be added.  For now these are the core rules of this forum.

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